Trevor’s on the road again.

17 08 2009

Trevor Swezey and Josh Chrisman are on the road again. After almost a  month and a half of being in Everett, Trevor is at it again tackling all the biggest baddest lines in the country. I spend the first four month on the road with him. I have all of our adventures documented in this gallery. I through in the towel to peruse other ventures and his new accomplice is Josh Chrisman. Their first stop is Squamish, BC. I heard the route line up for their time there might include: Crime of the Century, Baba Hari Dass, other V7s and 8s, and The Chief. After Squamish the Bug-a-boos and then south. I wish them well. If you would like to follow along Trevor has a blog at He is usually good about updating it about every week or two weeks.

Last night a few people got together for a Bar-b-que and to wish him safe travels:

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