What am I going to do in the New Year?

2 01 2010

Self Portrait taken today.

Fun note:

I took this picture in my neighborhood and someone called the police reporting a “suspicious vehicle with a camera mounted on it”. They gave the cops my license plate and the police called my house. Haha.

It has been a long time since I have put any words or pictures down here. I have been lost in my head for awhile. With the New Year upon us I would like to have goals and priorities because as of now I am just floating along waiting for what is next. Maybe it is time for me to create what is next in my life. I am reading a book that I received for Christmas called, Visionmongers: Making a Life and a Living in Photography. The book is by a photographer by the name of David DuChemin. The author stress some very important points in his book. One point is that each “vocational” photographer has his or her own path, which is uniquely their own, to get where they are today.

My path to whatever I do, most likely, is going to be a long one. I have yet to figure out what I really want in my life, but photography is constantly on my heart and mind.

2009 was a year to remember, luckily I took a lot of pictures.

Major Points (Good and Bad) from 2009:

  • Quite my job at the airlines.
  • Bought a 1986 Toyota Dolphin and rock climbed around the county with my good friend Trevor
  • Documented “the Trip”
  • I only worked 2 and a half months in 2009! (That’s kind of on the bad side.)
  • Made the finals in the dgrin.com Digital Sharp Shooters challenge.
  • Surfed quite a bit for a Washingtonian.
  • Hurt my knee, though I am not sure how that’s going to heal at this point.
  • Conquered some cool stuff climbing.
  • Loved and lost.

What I would like to do in 2010:

  • Finish the photography book of Trevor and my trip.
  • Get a job doing something that I am excited about.
  • Continue to work on my photography.
  • Publish a photo in a magazine.
  • Go climbing somewhere out of Washington at least once.
  • Do a lot of other stuff that I can’t think of right now.

Here is the picture that I submitted for the finals of the Digital Sharp Shooter on dgrin.com. The theme was “Night”.

Here are some photos that I have worked on recently as Christmas gifts for close friends this holiday.

This one was taken by my good friend Steven Graham and he is very proud of it (as he should be), it is kind of his masterpiece.

This next one is a photo created by my dad Paul. I put in the design elements and did the layout for the poster.


Happy Halloween!!

12 10 2009

It is always important to keep up your creativity and shoot things that you want to do. Lately I have been shooting events for a company called teamphotogenic, out of Seattle. It’s a pretty good side gig, but the shots are all standard and kind of boring. I wanted to get creative with my camera and practice some photoshop techniques. This shot was an idea that I wanted to execute for myself and as a fun Halloween theme for my facebook profile picture.

Click to view larger. I used three lights:

SB-900 camera right through an umbrella (with half covered for bounce control), at 1/32 power.

SB-900 directly behind and above the model (me) for the hair light and separation from the background. flash head zoomed to 200mm and 1/32 power.

Pop-up flash set at 1/128 power – mainly just to trigger other 2 flashes.

Camera was at shutter speed 1/250 (to kill ambient light), f/9, and iso 200

I used a remote trigger, which is in my right hand, out of the frame, to focus and take the picture.

I tweaked it a bunch in photoshop to give it the cool color tempeture and dodged and burned my face and wrinkles to make them more apparent and grungy. I also “doctored” up the Corn Syrup and food coloring fake blood to make it look more realistic.

It is always fun for me to finish an image that I am excited about and get something that I am proud of, that is another reason to occasionally shoot pictures just for yourself.

I like taking pictures around this time of year because of the colors and creativity in pumpkins and costumes.  I should have more Halloween pictures to come! Here is one that I took last year.