From the Weekend

3 02 2009

This weekend was spend down south in Everett. Saturday I hung out with the fam. We went to a wonderful play called “Memphis,” at the 5th avenue theatre in Seattle. The play was full of dancing and singing, which my mother very much enjoyed. It was also pretty humorous, producing many laughs from the audience. After, the play we went to dinner. Then, my Dad and I went to check out a Photoshop instructional, put on by Microsoft and featuring Miss Aniela. Her work on flickr is quite creative. I talked to a rep for Eye-fi about their products and played with the Lenovo W700 mobile workstation, other than that, it was moderately entertaining. Sunday was the Super Bowl and I got to take a picture of Ryan in his sport coat. On Monday I took a picture, that I quite like, for the latest challenge, “Hi-Key or Low-Key.” Hopefully the picture is a favorite amongst the judges and voting “public.”