Back at it…blogging that is!

16 08 2009

I have been back from my rock climbing adventure for about a month and a half now. In that  month and a half I have been catching up with friend and family. The main reason I decided to end the road trip when I did, is because I wanted to focus more on my photography. My dream is to be a full time photographer. I don’t know what kind of niche I will find, but I like action and fashion photography and I strive to develop all genres (landscapes, macro, portraiture, etc.). I can’t currently support myself as a photographer and I am still creating a portfolio of photos that I can use to market myself. I am also updating and reworking my website. I have been talking with my good friend Dave and looking at lots of photographers website in the last few days. I came to the conclusion that I needed to simplify my websites look and feel and update the photos. One thing that you will notice in the slideshow on my homepage is that there are a lot of frames with two pictures in them. People these days want to see a story. With these changes I feel much more confident about giving my website to potential clients.

Here is what I have been up to via photos since I have been home:

Attended my cousin Betsey’s wedding. Congratulations Betsey!

Turned 24 and spend some time relaxing up at the Semiahmoo Resort with my wonderful girlfriend. It’s beautiful.

Had a great time at Tad and Megan’s wedding.

Went on an eight day surf adventure down to Oregon. Thanks to Steve for snapping these two.

On the surf trip we hung out at the Cannon Beach skate park one night and I snapped this shot of a local shredder.

Sold the Dolphin. Josh and Trevor will roll out again in Trevor’s Subaru.

Visited my friend Dave and his wife over in Port Townsend. Dave is a photographer as well. So, we combined our flashes and had some fun.

Spent last weekend in Sunland with Steve and his family. I have never been wakesurfing and got the chance to try it. It is possibly the most fun you can have on water! It’s an endless wave! What else do you need?

Thanks for reading. Hopefully I will be doing this more offen now that I am back.