Trevor’s on the road again.

17 08 2009

Trevor Swezey and Josh Chrisman are on the road again. After almost a  month and a half of being in Everett, Trevor is at it again tackling all the biggest baddest lines in the country. I spend the first four month on the road with him. I have all of our adventures documented in this gallery. I through in the towel to peruse other ventures and his new accomplice is Josh Chrisman. Their first stop is Squamish, BC. I heard the route line up for their time there might include: Crime of the Century, Baba Hari Dass, other V7s and 8s, and The Chief. After Squamish the Bug-a-boos and then south. I wish them well. If you would like to follow along Trevor has a blog at He is usually good about updating it about every week or two weeks.

Last night a few people got together for a Bar-b-que and to wish him safe travels:

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Squamish, BC in January

26 01 2009

Well, Trevor Alex Jolene and I went to Squamish yesterday to boulder. It was about 30 degrees F and chilly, perfect sending temps. Trevor got on a V7 called Baba Hari Dass last fall and could do all the moves, so he has been itching to get back up there and project it some more. Alex has never been to Squamish because Leavenworth has been keeping him busy. The climb was in good shape, the rock was dry and friction was good. Trevor really went for it. He probably made close to one hundred attempts. The one time that he made it through the crux, he didn’t find the key side pull that helps you mantle over the top. If he would have found that little side pull he would have sent it. Oh well, in the words of Trevor, “it will always be there.” The beta is ingrained in his mind and the next time it is dry up there, he will be heading north. Alex has broken into a new grade of outdoor climbing with the send of Baba Hari Dass. It was interesting to watch because in the morning he was pretty defeated by the climb. Then, after walking around and sending some other V4s and V5s his confidence was a lot higher. Alex is a strong climber, I have seen him do some pretty hard stuff in the gym and all those gym nights paid off with the send of Baba.

It’s really hard to shoot in the dense trees, which we were climbing in. Either you have to have a D3 or D700 cranked to iso 3200 or use some sort of flash. I opted for flash rather than unusable iso 3200 images from my trusty Nikon D200. The flash was hot shoe mounted to make it easy and because I had the camera mounted to my tripod, which I lifted up and triggered via a remote, for a different perspective. I also wanted to highlight the climber as much as possible and lead the viewer away from the distracting surrounding, so I zoomed my SB-800 to 105mm. This put just a spot of light in the center of the frame.

I think it is going to be a good season!